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Forget backstage, how about on stage? Keyboardist, Darek Cobbs, took over our Instagram and Twitter accounts during Pharrell’s live set at Coachella, and it led to some pretty epic behind the scenes footage!

If you made it last to night’s show, you know that Pharrell’s Live set wasn’t one to miss. Outside of simply having an amazing set, surprise guests included Jay Z, Usher, Pusha T, T.I. and Busta Rhymes!

There will be thousands of videos showing you what it was like from the crowd. But as a musician, you probably want to know what was it like from behind the instruments on stage? Well, check out Darek’s photos, videos and comments from last night’s show for that answer:

“Told you show #2 would be just as crazy!!! Pharrell”

“Line check before show!”

“My Rig!!! @DCobbs”

“GRINDING!!! Pharrell and PushaT taking us back!”

“#USHER! He killed ‘You Don’t Have to Call”, one of my favorite records!”

“Happy Show was a success!!!”

JAY Z!!!

“Usher, Pusha T, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, T.I. Unbelievable #BBE”

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