See What It’s Like to Play for Pharrell Live at Coachella 2014!

Forget backstage, how about on stage? Keyboardist, Darek Cobbs, took over our Instagram and Twitter accounts during Pharrell’s live set at Coachella 2014, and it led to some pretty epic […]


Want to Be a Coachella VIP? Join Pharrell’s Keyboardist During the Show Tonight!

Tonight’s a special night! Darek Cobbs, keyboardist with Pharrell, will be taking over our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts so you can experience Coachella like a VIP! He’ll be posting […]

The Good Hurt

The Good Hurt Live at the Crocodile

It’s a Saturday night at The Crocodile, a legendary music venue in Seattle, WA, which has hosted acts like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie, The Presidents of the […]

Solid Advice for Musicians from Journey Founding Member - OnTheGig

Journey Founding Member Offers Solid Advice for Musicians

After accepting top honor at the Billboard Touring Awards for “Legends of Live”, Ross Valory, bassist for legendary band Journey, offered solid advice for aspiring musicians. Ross Valory is Journey’s […]

Derrick Hodge OnTheGig interview with Ray Spaddy

Derrick Hodge on sustaining a music career

“In the long run, life, Karma, & God has a way of bringing great opportunities to you if you present yourself as worthy,” says bassist, composer, producer and Maxwell Music […]


R.I.P. Steve Jobs

By now, I’m sure that you already know that one of the most important and influential men in our lifetime has passed away. He had been battling pancreatic cancer since […]

Brian Tyler interview with Ray Spaddy of OnTheGIg

Brian Tyler, Film Composer

Brian Tyler is a composer of over 50 films and recent winner of four BMI Film/TV Awards for his work on The Expendables, Fast Five, Battle LA, and Hawaii Five-0. […]

Brian Tyler, Writing Music for Fast Five

Brian Tyler talks about writing music for the summer blockbuster, Fast Five.

Interview with Jovan Dawkins, Drummer, Producer

Jovan J. Dawkins is a hands on type of musician that is not only heavy in his drum career but also heavy in music production. He has been playing the […]

George Spanky McCurdy Interview with Ray Spaddy at OnTheGig

George “Spanky” McCurdy, Lady Gaga

George “Spanky” McCurdy started playing the drums at a young age in church. By the age of 13, he was known for his unique and innovative style of drumming. He […]