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Meet Beyonce’s All-Girl Band, The Suga Mamas

By June 27, 2009 No Comments
OnTheGig interview with The Beyonce's All-Girl Band, "The Suga Mamas".
If you’ve been to a Beyonce concert within the past few years or have seen her perform live on TV, you’ve most likely noticed the lovely ladies behind the instruments, locking down the groove. These ladies would be the Suga Mamas, Beyonce’s all-girl band.We were fortunate to catch up with a few of them while they were in Philadelphia during their US tour. Marcie Chapa, percussionist, Kim Thompson, drummer, Tia Fuller, sax, and keyboardist, Brittani Washington spoke with us about everything from their experiences growing up to the importance of networking and their advice for your music career.

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